House Rules

  1. The management of Arcade Arena reserves the right to deny entry to individuals or groups causing disturbances.
  2. All visitors must comply with the instructions of Arcade Arena staff.
  3. Individuals who violate the house rules may be banned from entering Arcade Arena.
  4. Arcade Arena welcomes everyone, but visitors under 16 years of age are only admitted under the supervision of an adult.
  5. Please be aware that Arcade Arena has installed security cameras.
  6. Play cards remain valid for 12 months after the last top-up.
  7. Smoking and bringing your own food and drinks are not allowed inside Arcade Arena. The use and possession of alcohol and drugs and carrying weapons within Arcade Arena are also prohibited.
  8. Pets are not allowed.
  9. Tickets and play credits on play cards cannot be exchanged for cash.
  10. Ticket prices cannot be reserved or exchanged.
  11. If one of the machines in Arcade Arena malfunctions, the credit will be refunded to the play card. Each device is equipped with multiple technical meters, allowing Arcade Arena to always retrieve the correct data.
  12. Arcade Arena staff are authorized to check for fraud.
  13. For security reasons, face-covering clothes, accessories, and headgear are not allowed in Arcade Arena.
  14. Arcade Arena is not responsible for theft and/or loss of personal belongings and/or play cards.
  15. In case of vandalism, theft, disturbance of peace, and/or sexual harassment, a report will always be made to the police.
  16. Upon leaving the venue, visitors are requested not to cause any disturbances concerning the neighbors.
  17. Please contact our customer service at in case of complaints.